Frequent Questions

Frequently asked Questions

I can log into the course, but can’t load any quizzes.

Double-check that you have downloaded Adobe FlashPlayer. We have heard in one instance that Google blockout bars can engage and prevent FlashPlayer downloading.

How long does my registration last for?

You have 30 days access to the course, after which time your records are automatically deleted.
To gain another 30 days access, a discount price is available for existing customers. Contact us to enquire.

Can I use an apostrophe in my username or password?

No, it will prevent you logging in or running the course.

Cookies Not Enabled message when trying to enter the course?

Assuming that cookies are enabled in the Security Settings of your Internet Explorer, try refreshing the page
and logging in again on a couple of occasions - that fixes it.

I can’t access the course page right now, but have been able to before?

We’ve had one report  that after midnight EST that course access wasn’t available. We think this was the ISP doing daily or weekly maintenance and their servers were busy. The problem was gone next day.

When running a quiz the first question text doesn’t appear, I only see the buttons.

Switch to Internet Explorer browser. There is a known problem with current release of Firefox.


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